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Judy Mason    Dean Mason

Judy MasonJudy Mason, MBA

Organized, communicative, and creative, Judy Mason has served as a consultant for nearly twenty years. By focusing on strong partnerships, recognizing strengths, and fulfilling commitments, Mrs. Mason has achieved one thing: results. She is the COO of Canada & CAO for the International operations of TranStrata. Using her innate business sense and vast pool of experience, she helps businesses accelerate their value and transition to new levels effectively.

Prior to joining TranStrata, Mrs. Mason founded INNOV8 Consulting, and serves as Principal of ROCG Global Consultancy. She has also serves as Partner and Director of ROCG Goldpoint, as well as Senior Director of Administration and Human Resources for Dean Mason and Company. In each corporation, Mrs. Mason has employed her knowledge to help strategies and operations improve, and to ensure that tasks - from the routine to the complex - transition smoothly.

A bit of a Renaissance woman, Mrs. Mason holds a Masters of Business Administration. She is a certified consultant, holds a Global Master Certification, and is in the process of completing her Certified Human Resources Practice Assessment. She possesses experience in the areas of training, compensation, organizational development, health and safety, recruitment, business strategy and development, external relations, mediation and policy development.

Taking her knowledge beyond the workplace doors, Mrs. Mason has volunteered for a variety of organizations. These include everything from the Northern Medical Program Trust Committee to the Prince George Community foundation, from the Today's Woman Awards to the Bel Canto Children's Choir. She is also associated with the British Columbia Human Resources Association, the Prince George Construction Association, the Prince George Chamber of Commerce, and the British Columbia and Yukon Hotel Association.

With broad experiences and a large knowledge base, Mrs. Mason is able to provide human resources on any level of business.

Dean MasonDean Mason, BComm, CA, FCA, CFP 

Filled with experience, Dean Mason has been involved in the world of consulting for more than 25 years. From the founding of Dean Mason and Company - a chartered accountants and client management service - to serving as a partner of TranStrata, Mr. Mason's knowledge encompasses all aspects of business organization and improvement. He has served as an advisor to private, public, and government sectors, helping each find a better direction towards the future.

Mr. Mason's expertise helps businesses handle negotiations, maintain relations, network, plan strategies, analyze finances, evaluate performances, reconstruct, methodology, become more efficient, and find greater success.

Educated at the University of British Columbia, Mr. Mason is a Certified Financial Planner, a Chartered Accountant, and a Certified Ran One Consultant. He has previously worked in the areas of business process improvement, corporate governance, corporate strategy, estate planning, succession planning, accounting, compliance, quality assurance, auditing, and financial modeling. His past experience transcends many industries and includes non-profit, SME, service, professional, manufacturing, First Nations, and the forest sector.

As part of his community, Mr. Mason has served on a variety of boards and committees in the Prince George area. After three successful terms, he recently stepped down as President of the Prince George Railway and Forestry Museum. While in office, he was an integral part in the redirection of the Forestry Museum.

Mr. Mason aims to help his community and his clients imagine possibilities and make them realities.

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