Business Transition

You will be there before you know it!... the question is will you be where you want to be when it’s time?

Imagine yourself one year after your transition from your business… looking back from that time until now, what has to have happened both personally and with the business for you to feel happy about with where you are?

Over the many years that we have worked with business owners, one thing that we have found to be true is that transitioning a business is a process…not an event. Transitioning successfully has many facets and the more challenging dilemmas are always related to the owner and the people around them… the clients, the partners, the management team, the workers, the family… the wellbeing of the people and the relationships. Gaining clarity for yourself as the owner and then having the ability to lead the people around you creates confidence towards your ideal outcome… the one where you are where you want to be… and so are those around you!

You will look your transition in a whole new perspective when working with Transtrata in the planning, preparing, and walking through of your business transition. You will gain the skills to successfully work with your team, understand the risks for you and your family and have the opportunity to truly explore what it is like to put someone else in the driver’s seat of your business to successfully create your long lasting legacy.

Begin exploring now… join us for The Business Value Transition Workshop!

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